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Why do I always have to read labels? All I wanted was some beef jerky

Food Labels A note from a Silver Cloud Flyer:
I bought Trader Joe’s organic beef jerky, but it has 5g sugar, organic evaporated cane sugar, and I can’t find any beef jerky that doesn’t seem to have sugar in it.  But jerky is on the ok list.  But this won’t do, correct?

Sorry to be such a bother, but I want to be sure and get it right the first time.  Thanks for being so attentive!

You get an A for label reading.  True beef jerky is just dried beef, but in our crazy additive laced world,  its hard to find one without the dreaded sugar.  I am always finding something that says it would work, but when you read the fine print,  there in the list of ingredients will be sugar,  high fructose corn syrup, or a list of chemicals longer than my arm.  You are so right.  You put it back.  Good for you.