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Why Don’t You Put Calorie Counts on Your Recipes? Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Calorie CountsIn our uber scientific world, where every dieter knows they must be on the alert about every bite of food they put into their mouth and the calorie count, not to mention the amount of fat, the cholesterol, and all the other bugaboos of modern dieting,  people are sometimes shocked to see that here at The Silver Cloud Diet,  you will not see calorie counts on our recipes.

Why is this?  Why no calorie counts?

One of the hidden pleasures of low carb dieting is that You don’t have to count calories.

Say what?  No calorie counting? How Can I call it a diet if I don’t count calories?

Once you get the processed carbohydrates out of your diet – the white stuff beginning with sugars, flours, processed foods with all the hidden carbohydrates, get the chemicals and toxins out of your diet by eliminating gm grains including canola, corn, soy and sugar beets, and factory farmed meats and fish,  and start eating a diet made up of real, whole foods,  organic and sustainable produce,  grass fed meats and wild caught fish, organic whole milk from grass-fed cows – non homogenized.  Well guess what folks.  If you’re eating this way,  the weight will come off and you can slather your food with butter, drizzle it with olive oil, and eat until you are satisfied.

It’s the way your body intended for you to eat.  An omnivore’s plan that uses sustainable food products.

And don’t even start with me about how this is too expensive.  Ever calculate the cost of ill health?  And aren’t you a capitalist?  Don’t you know that the market rules, and the better food we demand,  the better food we’ll get,  and the more the prices will come in line.

I’ts Economics 101,  and along with Chemistry 101, where you first learned a bit about calories — at least in the laboratory — the principles hold.

The Silver Cloud Diet,  The Sustainable Diet for the 21st Century will help you to normalize your weight,  optimize your health, and lead a long and vigorous life.  And you don’t have to count calories to get there.