Good News For Those Who Fear The Swine Flu

Good News for Those Who Fear The Swine Flu

Because the Swine Flu is a lipid-coated virus, it is important to fight back with healthy fats. Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and nut oils in The Silver Cloud diet will make you a healthier, stronger person. Use these oils in cooking, or simply take a couple of tablespoons by mouth daily.

We seem to forget in this age of big pharma solutions, that our bodies have natural immunities which can be cultivated by a sensible diet of whole, organic foods. There are some common-sense approaches you can take to protect yourself not only from the Swine Flu but from other troublesome superbugs of our time: MRSA, C-Diff, and other common garden variety flus.

Cod liver oil and other fish oil offers A and D protection against infection of all types as well as against environmental toxins. Feed your family regular meals of wild-caught salmon and other cold-water fish including cod, arctic char, tuna, yellowfin, and albacore, (even in a can) and their natural immunities will soar. The Omega 3’s found in these fatty fish as well as fish oil caps not only builds your resistance to disease but boosts your brain and heart health.

Vitamin C found not only in citrus – drink your lemon water every day – but also in sauerkraut and all of the brassicas, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, offers additional armor for your system. Lemon water is simply a glass of ice water with a squeeze of lemon and a shot of cayenne. It’s part of our Silver Cloud Detox and builds your natural immunity while you lose weight too.

A healthy gut is your best protection against C-Dif and certain other diseases. Eating Lacto fermented foods (greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and farmers cheese) as well as taking probiotics helps to protect you as well.

Bone broth helps your body detoxify naturally (Order the Silver Cloud Diet e-book for recipes to help you build your own immunity)

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This time you can really do it.

yours in good health,

Dr. John Salerno and Linda Eckhardt

The Swine Flu