Diabetes Type 2, Erectile Dysfunction, and The Silver Cloud Diet

Diabetes Type 2, Erectile Dysfunction, and The Silver Cloud DietDiabetes Type 2,  Erectile Dysfunction, and The Silver Cloud Diet

In my practice,  I see many Type 2 diabetes sufferers who complain of erectile dysfunction.  The two maladies are linked as surely as night follows day.

The first thing I do with type 2 diabetes sufferers is weigh and measure them, to see how many of them have a body mass index over 30, which jets them from the overweight to the obese category. Blood work will reveal the levels of sugars in the blood as well as insulin and other markers.

Before they say a word, I usually can guess that they will report ED.  Like the television ad says, then we have “that conversation”.

But here’s the really great news.  Once I put these patients on the Silver Cloud Diet Full Fat Fast (order our e-book, within a very short time, their diabetes may be completely controlled, their libido will return, and they will be enjoying a full and satisfying sex life again.

When they ask me why this has happened to them, I explain that the typical Western diet, filled with processed foods, chemicals, and starches actually depresses the testosterone levels at the same time as it elevates insulin and sugars.

This is a recipe for disaster not only for men but for women as well.  It is not as well known, but women need testosterone as well as estrogen and progesterone to have a fully functioning libido.

I recommend an all natural vitamin/herbal blend that helps boost the sex hormones and increases blood flow to the genitals.  You can order this from our website, or buy it in the office.

Diet is key to success in controlling type 2 diabetes and helping erectile dysfunction as well.  I tell my patients to remove ALL carbohydrates from the diet until their body mass index is 27 or less.  You can easily check your BMI on the internet. Log onto www.AARP.ORG and see just where you stand.

Sexual health can be improved by eating crab meat which is a great source of zinc which in turn produces testosterone.  I recommend the Gluten Free Crab Cakes from  They’re made from all jumbo lump blue crab with traditional Chesapeake Bay seasonings.

Five small meals a day with adequate fat and protein, as detailed in our e-book, supplemented by Dr. Salerno’s vitamins and herbal blends, and health and vigor will return. Order from

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Yours in good health,

Dr. John Salerno