It’s The Day of The Dead, November 1. Time for a Side Car Cocktail

Side Car Cocktail RecipeOr you may just wish to upset the apple cart.  One simple switcheroo and its done. Either way these drinks celebrate the Latin holiday to celebrate the dead, on the day they come back to visit us, and they do it with almost no carbs. We’ve interviewed a number of the undead and they all say they choose low carb cocktails, every night.

The Side Car cum Apple Cart

Cognac and brandies join the list of carb free distilled spirits. Choose Apple Brandy instead of cognac and you just upset the apple cart.

1½ oz cognac  (or apple brandy)
¾ oz triple sec
¾ oz fresh lemon juice
1 orange slice
Put all ingredients and squeeze lemon in mixing glass filled with crushed ice, shake briskly.  Strain into a glass and garnish with orange slice.