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Drink to Your Health: Black Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Black Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie Recipe
Created from the seeds of the Nigella sativa (black cumin) plant, black seed oil has been around for centuries, as this flavorful and aromatic seed is commonly used as a spice or in herbal medicine. Often used to add some flavor and zest to salads, loaves of bread, curries, smoothies, as well as stir-fries, you don’t need to use much of this pungent oil to take advantage of its numerous health benefits. Research has shown that black seed oil may be helpful for weight loss, allergies, asthma, arthritis, eczema, diabetes, headaches, anxiety, indigestion, high blood pressure, inflammation, and infections. While more research is still needed, this “the blessed seed” has been used in Asian, Middle Eastern, and European folk medicine for thousands of years. Considering black cumin seeds are rich in fatty acids, carotene, copper, iron, phosphorus, and zinc it’s easy to see why this fantastic seed has been used for centuries.

This holiday season, drink to your health and incorporate the healing power of black seed oil into your diet. It will undoubtedly make you feel better about your health, despite all of the stress of the holidays, and a black seed oil fruit smoothie is quick and easy to make!

Black Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie Recipe


• 1 cup of coconut milk or any other alternative milk (i.e. hemp, rice, almond, cashew)
• ½ tsp of high-quality black seed oil
• 1 banana
• ½ cup of pineapple
• ½ cup of dragon fruit
• Pinch of turmeric
• Pinch of ginger
• 1 tbsp. of cacao nibs
• 1 tbsp. of honey or maple syrup
• Water
• Ice (optional)


1. Place all of your dry ingredients into a high-speed blender or food processor.
2. Add black seed oil, honey, water, and/or ice. The amount of water and/or ice needed will vary on your blender and your consistency preference, so add as needed.
3. Blend well until smooth and transfer to a glass.
4. Drink to your health and enjoy!