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Best Diet Tips for The New Year

Reading around the web,  I find that many diets offer great advice.  Here’s some of the best I could find.Diet Tips

Best diet tips

Best Tip: Pick a range for your ideal weight instead of fixating on a particular number. You’ll feel guilt-free when faced with the small fluctuations that occur naturally day-to-day.

Best Tip: Read the ingredients. Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce.

Best Tip: Total-body workouts will help you lose weight and inches, as well as boost your metabolism, strengthen your bones, and may even make you more resistant to stress.

Best tip: Add “petit” and “peu” to your French vocabulary; you can have a little of everything if you stick to small portions.

Best Tip: Differentiate between cravings and hunger. If you can tell the difference between wanting to eat and needing to eat, you can cut out unnecessary calories.

Best Tip: Eat less processed food. Sticking to whole, fiber-rich foods will help you lose weight.