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5 Amazing Bread-Less Sandwich Ideas

Bread-Free Sandwich Ideas

Nothing says summer like eating your favorite sandwich while on a beach or in a park. But what if you’re trying to go low-carb and don’t want to ruin your good eating habits in favor of your favorite past time? The good news is that you can make your perfect sandwich, MINUS the bread! We’ve put together 5 of the greatest bread-free sandwich ideas that are so delicious, even Dr. Atkin’s himself would be impressed!

Portabella Burgers

It’s no accident that the caps of portabella mushrooms are the shape of a mini sandwich! This makes them the perfect bread substitute. Try grilling them in advance for flavor or even using them raw to hold your sandwich together. We suggest maybe wrapping them up in wax paper, as they can get a little messy when you’re indulging!

Tomato Sliders

Ideally, you want to choose the biggest tomatoes possible when shopping for your bun replacement. These are an amazing option for bite sized sliders or even a full burger or sandwich if you find a tomato big enough! Simply cut the tomato in half to create the two sandwich halves, add your desired fillings, and enjoy!

Lettuce Wraps

Ah yes, the old stand-by! This one is most well known in comparison to the others on this list, mostly for its simplicity and versatility. Take some lettuce, throw your favorite ingredients in and eat it up! Try experimenting with different kinds of lettuce for different flavors or adding a homemade avocado or mayo spread.

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

This one is particularly amazing for any Italian fillings or even just for adding fresh herbs or spices in with the meat. Just slice a large eggplant the long way to create your “slices” and grill it. Beware of over grilling however, unless you are fully prepared to have to eat your sandwich with a fork!

Cucumber Subs

Whether you call it a hoagie, sub, or grinder, try swapping the bread out for cucumber! Slice a good-sized cucumber the longer way and scoop out the fleshy inside. Pile on your sandwich layers and you’ve got the healthiest sub out there! These tend to pack and travel really well, which make them perfect for picnicking or a day by the ocean!