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Help Fight Your Belly Fat With Dr. Salerno’s Fiber Factor Powder

Dr. Salerno's Fiber Factor PowderSoluble Fiber Helps Bust Belly Fat

In a recent article published in Obesity, researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center report an association between increased intake of soluble fiber and a reduction in visceral or belly fat that surround the body’s organs and is considered the most dangerous type of adipose tissue.  “We know that a higher rate of visceral fat is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and fatty liver disease,” explained lead researcher Kristen Hairston, MD.

Dr. Hairston and her colleagues evaluated data from 1,114 participants in the Insulin Resistance and Atherosclerosis Family Study.  Physical examinations were conducted, and visceral and subcutaneous fat was measured via computed tomography upon enrollment and after five years. Dietary intake over the previous year was reported during the five-year follow-up visit.

Although consuming more soluble fiber was not associated with the accumulation of less subcutaneous fat, an association with decreased visceral fat accumulation over time was observed.

Help Fight Your Belly Fat With Dr. Salerno’s Fiber Factor Powder

Dr. Salerno's Fiber Factor PowderAmong developed nations, Americans have one of the lowest fiber contents in their diet, which inevitably affects overall health status. Good for your waistline, and healthy for long-term maintenance of bowels, Dr. Salerno’s blend of all-natural ingredients is specially formulated to be safe and effective, providing just the right amount of bulk for normal digestive system function. Contains Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, Oryza Whole Grain Brown Rice Sweetener, Psyllium Seed Powder, Rice Bran, Apple Pectin, Fig, and Prune.